50th Reunion - Survey 1

Can you believe our next reunion will be our 50th?  Yes, we know it's 2 years until our next reunion, but we're hoping this will be the BIGGEST reunion yet.  As a result, we want to start getting some ideas about what you'd like to do for YOUR 50th reunion.  Here's our first survey looking for your guidance to help us begin planning.  We will keep these to a minimum and as short as possible, so please take a few minutes and give us your thoughts!

YOUR Reunion Planning Committee

p.s.  If you'd like even more of a say in what's going to happen, please plan to become part of the Reunion Committee. There are no restrictions and all meetings are conference calls (with maybe an occasional meeting if enough of us are in town).

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1)   * The best time to hold the 50th Reunion is:

  Early Summer (June)
  Summer (July, August)
  Early Fall (September)
2)   * Check the things that are most important to you at a reunion (check all that apply):

  Overall Cost
  Venue (location of events)
  Time to visit with classmates
  Cheap drinks
  Candid photographs (to remember the reunion)
3)   * I would prefer:

  A Saturday night only reunion event
  A Friday and Saturday night reunion event
4)   * Should we consider (choose any that you would support):

  A Sunday Picnic at DelGrosso's park
  A Curve game
  A Curve game + Picnic (in their picnic area)
5)   * What is the maximum amount you would be willing to spend on reunion events. Please do not include travel or lodging expenses, just reunion events. The average cost of our last reunion was about $30 per event per person.

6)   * Please list any suggestions you may have that you believe would enhance the reunion.

7)   * Are you interested in reunions beyond the 50th?

Yes No
8)   If YES, how many years should pass before our next reunion?

  1 Year
  2 Years
  3 Years
  5 Years