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•   Thomas C. (Tom) Crider  2/7
•   Catherine E. Halton (Eichenlaub)  1/15
•   Joseph Mort  1/15
•   Fred L. Leamer  12/30
•   Diane Hunter (Strohm-Mueller)  12/12
•   Bruce Everhart  12/11
•   Harry Moyer (Moyer)  11/13
•   Joel R. McGarvey  10/18
•   April Keech  10/17
•   Jeffrey L. (Jeff) Smith  10/17
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•   Bonnie McConnell (Greiner)  2023
•   Robert A. Palombi  2023
•   Kenneth V. Beck  2023
•   Richard J. "Rich" Andrews (AAHS Chem Teacher)  2023
•   Donald W. Newberry  2023
•   Nelson Sell ((AAHS Teacher))  2023
•   Ray M. Ross  2023
•   Frank Swalga ((Teacher @ Keith JHS))  2023
•   Timothy L. Sopata  2023
•   Vivian Carles (Poorman)  2023
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•   Michael E. Pennypacker  2/27
•   Irene Farber (Decker)  2/29
•   Andrea J. Thompson (Reffner)  2/29
•   Deborah McConahy (Sackett)  3/2
•   Jacquelyn Troutwine (Hendricks)  3/3
•   John H. Bollinger  3/4
•   Vicki A. Schreiber (Baughman)  3/4
•   Joseph B. Stuckey  3/4
•   Sally L. Dean (Keller)  3/5
•   Steve Cogan  3/6
•   Joanna M. Fanella (Hale)  3/8
•   William L. McKinney  3/8
•   David A. Hainley  3/11
•   Bruce D. Taylor  3/12
•   Charles D. Brooks  3/14
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Dear Classmates,

WE ARE SO CLOSE!!!  We are only about $200 short of $20,000 toward our initial goal for our Class Endowment.  At $20,000, we will get matching funds of $5,000 and we will meet our initial goal of $25,000.   In addition, we have an opportunity to get another $5,000 in matching funds for the next $5,000 donated meaning we could easily reach $35,000.  So far, almost all of this money has come from an initial group of interested classmates.  We want to encourage all of you to be part of this effort.  Here’s a brief update of where we are and some future plans.

Why is the $200 important? 
If we can add the $200, we gain the $5,000 match, reach our initial goal and initiate the endowment allowing us to provide an annual, ongoing sum of money toward a worthy project for AAHS.

Why do you say “initial” goal?
It is our great hope that we can encourage all of our class to continue to support this endowment.  If we can raise additional funds, we can increase our contribution to the district, perhaps beyond the $35,000.  We already some plans in mind if we can reach a level of our endowment that would support them.

So, what is this “worthy project”?
An oversight group worked with the Altoona Area School District (AASD) Foundation to select Project Lead the Way as the beneficiary of our endowment fund.  This project, which supports STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum with a likely biomedical science emphasis, will benefit all high school grades for years to come. We will reveal the details of the project in the spring, but we can tell you that it will be an ongoing, enduring project that will recognize our class contributions in several ways.

Why are you writing to me?
As we have stated, this is a project we hope all members of the AAHS Class of 1970 will support not just the smaller initial group.  We hope many of you will support this effort and contribute toward meeting the initial and future goals.  No amount is too small! You can give anytime you wish!

WIIFM (What’s in it for me)?
This is a unique opportunity where each of us can "own" a share of and have a stake in this new endowment, which will be a special tribute to our class and will provide an enduring benefit to our high school and its students. 

Additionally, we hope to have an in-person meeting of the oversight group in Altoona in the late spring or early summer.  In addition to our meeting, we are planning to provide a tour of the new High School and have an informal gathering of all classmates who would like to get together.  Dates and details will be announced on the website and by email as soon as they are finalized.  We hope to see you there!

How can I help?
Please remember this endowment when considering your giving for the future.  Giving is easy:

  1. By Check payable to AASD Foundation (Please write “AAHS Class of 1970” in the note/memo section of your check.  Checks should be sent to:  AASD Foundation, 1201 8th Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602.
  2. Online at  Simply click the “Donate” link on the menu bar at the top.  Then, click “Donate Online” next to “AASD Foundation”.  The “Campaign/Fund” button will default to the AASD Foundation.  When making your donation, please type: “AAHS Class of 1970 Endowment Fund” in the “Donor Comments” section to make sure the gift is categorized correctly.

Again, please be sure to designate our class fund with your donation so it will count toward the new match.


Class Endowment Fund Progress



AAHS Class of 1970 Endowment Fund

In spring 2022, several members of the Altoona Area High School Class of 1970, in part to commemorate their belated 50th reunion, partnered with the Altoona Area School District (AASD) Foundation to launch the “AAHS Class of 1970 Endowment Fund.” 

The new endowment fund, currently with contributions/pledges of more than $17,960 and an overall goal of $25,000, was created as “a gift in perpetuity” to benefit the high school.  The Class of 1970 is the first class to utilize a named endowment, which will literally “pay dividends” to the school for many years to come. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and contribute (either one-time or ongoing) to make this project a success.

Under the AASD Foundation, our tax-deductible contributions, will be pooled and invested until the $25,000 goal is reached sometime in the next few years.  A small committee of class donors along with the foundation will be established to monitor and help guide the fund and determine how proceeds might best aid the high school.

The endowment fund will be discussed briefly at the AAHS Class of 1970 reunion on Saturday, July 30, 2022, in Altoona.  Questions can always be directed to our website ( or to Paula Foreman at the AASD Foundation by email ( or phone (814-946-8424).


1. Check payment:
Payable to:  AASD Foundation (Write "AAHS Class of 1970" in the for/note/memo section.)
Address:  AASD Foundation, 1201 8th Avenue, Altoona, PA  16602

2. Online:
Click DONATE tab and then click Donate Online next to “AASD Foundation.”  The "Campaign/Fund" button will default to the AASD Foundation.

When making your contribution, write in the "Donor Comments" section: "AAHS Class of 1970 Endowment Fund."



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