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•   Paul A. Rockey  12/21
•   Jo Ann Kuhn (Pfahler)  12/23
•   Peter F. Quintili  12/23
•   Mary C. Boyles (Spangler)  12/24
•   Nadine Jarrett (Edwards)  12/27
•   Steven M. Wible  12/27
•   Patricia J. Webb (Brenneman)  12/28
•   John F. Dorman  12/30
•   Jan Jackson (Gority)  12/31
•   Elizabeth Rupe (De George)  1/1
•   Jackie Fleck (Whitmore)  1/3
•   Gary L. Clare  1/4
•   Andrew M. Petsonk  1/4
•   Sharon E. Collins  1/6
•   Sandra G. Schraff (Anthony)  1/8
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•   Dave Shellenbarger  12/5
•   Karen Stevens (Lyon)  11/25
•   Thomas M. Leonard  11/24
•   Samuel E. Magargi  11/16
•   Thomas D. McGraw  11/15
•   Judith A. Hatfield (Williams)  11/10
•   Laura Damron (Brady)  10/14
•   Randi Kibler (Shellenbarger)  10/9
•   Joanne L. Harten (Jackson)  9/4
•   Gean P. Clapper  8/31
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 45.8%

A:   424   Joined
B:   502   Not Joined


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Rewind for 12/19/14



Support our site! If you would like to support this web site please click the Donate button below. Donations can be made by PayPal, or with a regular credit card if you do not have a PayPal account.


Can YOU Help?

We need volunteers for the various committees for the 45th Reunion.  Please take a look at the list and let us know if you'd be willing to help out.  As you can see, several have volunteered, but there's lot's of room for more of you to join in.  The Reunion Committee would be very grateful for your help!  You can let us know by writing to info@aahs1970.com.


Class of 1970 Committees for 45th Reunion
Registration/Finance  (prior to event/at event)  
Dave Shellenbarger Chair
Gail (Myers) Thompson Member
Janice (Shiffler) Johnston Member
Public Relations/Media (Advertising, etc)  
Dave Shellenbarger Chair
Souvenirs/Door Prizes  
Chris Minnigh Chair
Deb (Imler) Flanagan Member
Mike Flanagan Member
Memorabilia (In Memory/Veterans)  
Denny Woodring Chair
Entertainment (DJ, Photography, etc)  
Tom Leathers Chair
Venue/Menu (site(s), menus)  
Bonnie (Stevens) Biddle Chair
Dave Shellenbarger Member
Decorations (Banner, Table Decorations, etc)  
Laura (Damron) Brady Chair
Juanita (Glover) McLucas Member
Roberta (Kennedy) Scott Member
Website (includes nametags, online registration, etc)  
Dave Shellenbarger Webmaster


THANKS for your generosity!

Several classmates have already made generous donations toward the Reunion next year.  Click here to see who they are!   You can also donate by check or credit card by clicking here.   If you'd like to join them, please send checks to:  AAHS Class of 1970, 900 Amelia Drive, West Chester, PA 19382.



Hi all!  A new feature is available for your entertainment.  It's a daily radio segment called "Rewind". Rewind is a 1 minute historical audio segment produced by Brandon Brooks, a DJ at CBS Philadelphia.  Catch up with what happened on this day in history in 1 minute!  You'll find this new feature on the right hand side of the site.  Scroll down and click on "Play"!  Hope you enjoy this...comments are welcomed!



We found an interesting and fun site that might interest some of you.  It's a site dedicated to us BABY BOOMERS.  There's a great trivia quiz, lots of links and pictures and registration is FREE.  

Click Here for a link or go to our "Just for Fun!" page for a link located there.   


Looking for a 1970 Yearbook?

In the past, we've had requests for 1970 yearbooks.  We just found a section of the alumni website that sells these when they are available.  The AAHS Alumni Association maintains an inventory of vintage yearbooks. Vintage yearbooks are $40, and proceeds will be earmarked for the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Please make checks payable to AAHS Alumni Association and mail to 1415 6th Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602

If the yearbook you are looking for is not available please e-mail us with your name, phone number, and the year you are looking for and we will put you on a waiting list.

Click here if you are looking for an old yearbook.



New Features:  What's New and Class Connection Info


You will see 2 new menu items across the top of the website.  

1)  A new "What's New" page has been added. The What's New page aggregates new data from around the web site and displays it on one convenient page.  

2) A menu item called Class Connection Info.  This will take you to 2 videos to help explain how to get started with these features.


A new "What's New" page has been added to our web site. The What's New page aggregates new data from around the web site and displays it on one convenient page.

The What's New page contains 3 sections:

  1. Recent Classmate Messages: 

    Anyone can enter a message at the top of the What's New page for all classmates to see. It's a great way to post a greeting to all classmates. Try attaching a photo or video! Note this box is a replication of the "Share a Message with Classmates" box at the top of your Classmate Profile page. Both of these boxes are one in the same and do the same thing. i.e. enter a message directly from the What's new page, and the message will also appear at the top of your Profile. Enter a message from the top of your Profile, and the message will also appear at the top of the What's New page. Both locations are a convenient way to share a message with your classmates.

  2. Following:

    New items from classmates you are following are displayed here. 
  3. Not Following:

    New items from classmates you are not following are displayed here.

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QR Code for Smartphones

For those of you who would like an easy way to add the site to your smartphones, here's a QR code that you can scan with any QR Code reader (like, Red Laser or QR Reader).  Once you scan it, you will be redirected to our website, which you can then bookmark on your phone's browser. And they say "old dogs can't learn new tricks" !


Check out our new photo galleries.  Click here or click the link for Altoona Nostalgia for photos remember the "good old days" in Altoona!


So, the User Forums (Mt. Lion Messages) aren't working out so well...maybe too intimidating?  We've activated the Message Forum (see left menu).  This is a free form area for general discussion.  I've asked a question...anyone care to respond????


Classmates in the News! Check them out ...  CLICK HERE!



You can find us on FACEBOOK too!  Click the logo above to go to our FACEBOOK page.