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Residing In: Kailua-Kona, HI USA
Spouse/Partner: single
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Occupation: Teacher - Special Education/Severe Disabilities
Children: two wonderful sons - Nathan (Makana) Anthonay Mascia, born 1973: Kainoa (Caisan) McNamara, born 1992 More…in Perth, Western Australia

Yes!!!! I now have a beautiful little granddaughter, Ku`ulani, little hapa keiki, she is absolutely gorgeous, Kainoa and his partner Hasinta gave birth November 21, 2018. So very blessed!!!! :) :)


Mahalo - thank you - to whoever designed this site, it's alot of fun to catch up with old classmates, as I've only been in close contact with one person I graduated with! (that would be Susan, we have always remained close and kept in touch!)

I've had a very rich, full, fun life so far, married my high school sweetheart, Wayne Mascia, we had a beautiful boy, who is now, yikes, 40 years old, a wonderful young man, we are so proud of him! I am divorced from his father, but we have a great relationship, keep in touch, it's all good! I went to college in Hawaii, in the early 70's, where I've lived most of my life ever since, except for some years in San Diego area. I did move to Australia, from Hawaii, in the early 90's, my second beautiful son Kainoa was born there, in Perth, Western Australia, he is now 21, attending college on a basketball scholarship. His father was a former pro basketball player and coach, and our son takes after him, an exceptional athlete. Both my sons are avid surfers, water boys, love the ocean! Life is good! I did marry a second time, a local policeman who retired and became a tennis pro here in Kailua-Kona, we are divorced, after 8 years together, no comment, but...…. I've been very very blessed so far! I swim, bike, run, but my main love is swimming, been competing in Masters Events and triathlons for years now. Swim with the dolphins regularly and the occasional shark! My bucket list swim was competing in the Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim, unreal, awesome, never again, lol!!!! I teach Special Education at Kahakai Elementary School in Kona, very challenging but rewarding!
So very sad to see all the deceased classmates, I had no idea most of these people had died, very sad, so young!

School Story:

What do I recall from AAHS????? Some of our escapades, well, just couldn't put them here in print, hah! But, I do recall....some really interesting teachers, those long dark hallways, majorette practice, marching in parades where it was so cold my braces would stick to my mouth, football games at Mansion Park, basketball games at the Jaffa Mosque, skipping school, hanging with the "older" kids, hmmmmmm, some underage drinking for sure, partying, cruising around town....too much fun, with Debbie Little, Debbie Hamilton, Susan, Joanie, and other friends in school......we really enjoyed our high school years, the dances at Lakemont Park and somewhere in Juniata, driving to the pizza shop, checking out our crushes (Wayne Masica, hah!).....I really enjoyed high school, had so much fun!!!! I never liked Altoona, the town itself, though, and couldn't wait to leave, thus......Hawaii! Wayne felt the same way, we couldn't wait to leave! I've been back a few times, when my parents died, but none of my siblings live there, so haven't seen Altoona in almost 17 years. Oh! I've been asked so many times about the name change, the "O" in front of "Gorman"....my family is traced back to Ireland and that's the true Irish name, "O'Gorman", immigrants dropped the "O" when coming to America. I took it back! :)

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