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Susan D. Clapper
Residing In: Claysburg, PA USA
Occupation: Retired
Children: I have a son and 3 daughters. Larry Jr, Jennifer Lynn, Pennie Lane and Victoria Ann. Larry and Pennie More…are married, Pennie is going to Penn State Campus and has 1 more year. Larry works for Chistian Tv an is very involved in Church Youth Activites. Jen and Tori are both engaged and are doing well. My children all have had to over come serious injuries and health issues and I am so proud of them.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Nickname(s)while at AAHS:

Suz, SuzieQ


Zach is 16, Avery is 13(she has autisum), Anakin is all boy at 11 and Skye is now 10. These are all Larry Jr's. Pennie has Tyler who is 16, Tori has Elisabeth 8, and Alyssa 7(they were both born on May 1st), and then there is Meggie 6 yrs old going on adult hood. Kids are just to smart any more. I would have loved to have such brain power! I guess God couldn't give me both looks and brains. LOL


I became a CNA/medtec in 1980 and ran a 6 client Nursing home in NC.for 3 yrs. I then moved to VA as a hospice caretaker for 5 yreas. I am now retired do to my back problems. I had always had back trouble since I was 16 and lifting all these years caused alot of pain and has slowed me down. I really thought I would spend my golden years traveling around and doing things that didn't include a cane. Oh well1 My Grans always said "just wait till you get old" I'm still waiting!!! LOL

School Story:

My favorite time was Bible Study in the Library. Can you imagine having all your freedom that we had taken away! I myself would have never thought it possible! I am no religious fanatic but everyone I thought has the right to know what our country was based on. I sure hope and pray that you and yours all know the power and glory our wonderful God has given us. Jesus his son is our only hope in these very angry times. Sorry, I love God and I am not ashamed to tell that old, old story. May God bless and keep you and yours.

Junior High School Attended:

Logan Area Jr High

Elementary School Attended:


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